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Terms & Conditions

This agreement is entered BETWEEN ‘’the Hirer’’ and ‘’the Customer’’ as stated in Section ‘A’ overleaf, in respect of the Car/Motorcycle hereinafter referred to as (‘the Vehicle’) as stated in Section ‘C’ overleaf. By Virtue of this agreement, the Hirer hereby grants a lease of the vehicle to the Customer who accepts the said lease of the vehicle in a good mechanical order and in good state of repair subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Customer declares that he is over 21 years of age and not over 75 years of age.
  2. The duration of the lease shall be for a period as stated in section ‘B & C’ overleaf.
  3. The rent payable for the vehicle is agreed to be as stated in Section ‘C’ overleaf.
  4. The amount of rent paid upon collection by the Customer to the hirer is as stated in Section ‘C’ over leaf.
  5. The Customer obliges himself to report any damages caused to the vehicle either by the Customer or any third party immediately upon the occurrence of the damage or immediately when the damages were discovered or ought to be discovered. Same applies to any faults developed in the vehicle. Subsequent use of the vehicle shall be deemed to be unauthorized and prohibited by the Hirer and all damages caused to the vehicle and any third parties shall be at the Customer’s expense.
  6. In case of damages/faults referred to in the last preceding article, the Customer renounces to his right to make any claims against the Hirer and hereby accepts the liabilities exceeding the amount of the deposit deposited with the hirer.
  7. The Customer shall deposit an amount of €450 (four Hundred fifty Euro) with the Hirer upon collection of the vehicle which shall be returned to the customer provided the vehicle is returned in the satisfactory condition and without damages.
  8. The Deposit shall be forfeited by the Customer in favour of the Hirer upon happening of any event giving rise to any claim.
  9. The Customer may, at his discretion, opt to reduce the Deposit mentioned in the Section 7 by paying the Collision waiver fee
  10. Should the vehicle be used in breach of any conditions stipulated in this agreement or in the Insurance policy related to the lease, the Customer shall be liable to all damages caused to the vehicle and/or any third party.
  11. In the event of an accident, the customer shall not move the vehicle from the accident spot (i.e., leave the vehicle in the exact place the vehicle had come to rest) and report the accident without delay to the Local Police, the wardens, and the Hirer. Failure to comply shall render the Customer unlimitedly liable to all damages.
  12. In any case, the customer undertakes to delegate on and subrogate the hirer in any rights or remedies for the purposes of enforcing such rights and remedies or of obtaining relief or any form or indemnity from third parties in respect of any loss or damage to or in connection with the vehicle throughout the duration of the lease.
  13. The hirer is not responsible for any losses or damage to ay property left or transported in the vehicle either by the Customer or any third party. The Customer hereby assumes all the risks and waives all claims against the hirer.
  14. The Customer hereby acknowledges and declares that he was presented with the Insurance Policy related to the lease and is fully aware of all terms and conditions therein. He further declares that he understands and was explained the consequences and implications of any rights and duties arising from the aforementioned Policy.
  15. The hirer shall not be liable for the delay in delivering the vehicle to the Customer, provided such delay was caused by force majeure, weather conditions or due to causes independent of the hirer.
  16. The Customer hereby accepts to pay the amounts agreed upon and stipulated on page 1 (overleaf)
  17. Should the Customer breach any of the conditions governing the lease, the lease shall be terminated ipso jure and the hirer shall have the right to repossess the vehicle without giving any notice to the Customer.
  18. The hirer reserves the right to take possession of the vehicle at any time provided there is a reason valid at law.
  19. Any fine or administrative penalty imposed on the vehicle throughout the lease period shall be at the charge of the customer and an additional fee of €15 (fifteen Euro) shall be paid by the customer to the hirer for every contravention.
  20. Should the vehicle be returned with the dirty interior, a charge of €50 (fifty Euro) shall be paid by the Customer to the hirer.
  21. Both parties declare that the choice of law governing this agreement is Maltese Law and Maltese courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising therefrom.